The Name GreenZone

Why the name GreenZone? Well it all started in the fourth quarter, the Washington Redskin’s were playing against the Dallas Cowboys who were in the redzone needing only one more point to win the game. For the Hussain family, usually this would be a moment of defeat but in this case, it provoked an epiphany…

“Maybe we should name the company Red Zone?”

“No no, too negative… what about GreenZone?”

Yes, the name GreenZone may have been realized while watching football but the meaning behind the name truly emulates why GreenZone was founded. In the military, Green Zone, refers to a fortified area in an hostile environment. In an area experiencing chaos and havoc, the Green Zone is considered a safe haven. Similarly, the Hussain family created GreenZone as a company that could offer solutions that would help improve, and fortify their clients’ processes and systems. Thus GreenZone Solutions Inc. was established in August 2010.

Today, GreenZone Solutions is focused on providing clients with variety of consulting services while continuing to expand our capabilities. We offer solutions in IT PMO, Financial Management and have created a Center Of Excellence in Data Analytics. By hiring exception talent and building a relationship with our clients, GreenZone continues to grow and evolve.

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