Core Competencies

GreenZone works diligently to offer cutting-edge and scalable solution to our clients and industry partners.

Our core competencies, outlined below, exemplify our expertise in our fields and our innovative spirit to provide solutions in the ever-evolving information technology environment.

GreenZone knows that the right analytics methodologies and best practices can help organizations become more efficient and make informed, data-driven decisions. Our approach blends a team of experienced subject matter experts with the latest innovative technologies, leading to better and more efficient business outcomes.Experts from our Data Analytics Center of Excellence engage with our customers to promote collaborative development, incubation, and demonstration of new and creative analytical solutions.

Our experienced team of data scientists and business intelligence (BI) analysts combine all aspects of BI, big data, and data science to solve our clients’ most challenging problems. Our tool-agnostic design philosophy is “Don’t just provide a dashboard – use the data to tell a story. Ensure analytics adoption through visual stories, leading users down a path towards the answers they seek.”

We implement analytics and visualization strategies that best fit our clients’ needs and requirements. Our subject matter experts are experienced with both commercial and open-source analytics tools and technologies. We strive to automate insights through a suite of best-in-class BI tools leveraging advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), and data visualization strategies to drive greater adoption of data through storytelling concepts in a governed self-service environment. Our user-centric development methodology stresses continuous end-user interaction to iterate at each step, while applying industry best practices for data visualization.

We utilize data science and ML techniques to create analytical models in SAS, R, and/or Python for anomaly detection, customer classification, fraud detection, improved forecasting, risk modeling, and identification of other patterns in data to help solve business problems. GreenZone is also a Tableau certified partner.

As our clients continue their data management maturity journey, GreenZone assists them in understanding the data within their environment, identifying key data that is relevant in business decision making, and identifying key data risk within the client organization. To accomplish these goals, we support our clients in establishing and maintaining key data management frameworks including capabilities such as data governance, data quality, data architecture, metadata, and reference data management. Our clients’ benefits from having a robust and mature data management framework include: reduction in the amount of time to organize and search for data within their data ecosystem, established trust within the data environment and assurance that the data is fit for use, and improved decision-making processes due to trusted data in the environment.  

GreenZone assists in the implementation and creation of the processes and work products needed to reap these benefits.  Processes and work products include: defining a data life cycle, defining a data management framework (including data architecture, data quality, data governance, reference and master data, and metadata management), defining a maturity model with a path to improved maturity, defining enterprise data roles and a data skills inventory, defining a data management road map, and more.

GreenZone uses our experience in maturing data management processes at multiple chief data offices to enable business intelligence capabilities. Our knowledge of various data management frameworks and open data processes have helped Chief Data Officers to meet the demands of the Open Data Act and to provide value through data management investments. 

We utilize industry standard Agile tools to provide Agile application development support to deliver new and enhanced capabilities, tools, applications, and services that expose, display, and process acquisition data which allow users to access, view, aggregate, analyze, report, or otherwise employ this data to support acquisition decision-making across the defense acquisition community. Our services include designing, prototyping, testing, deployment, user training support, technical documentation, sustainment, and application maintenance activities.

We deliver sustainable capability using Agile development methodologies and processes in functional and technical requirements analysis efforts and processes. Our sprint planning approach ensures realistic and on-target assessments of sprint requirements and user stories and realistic estimates of story point requirements and capabilities to accelerate and sustain development velocity production. We identify potential gaps in draft functional and technical requirements that impact capability implementation cost and schedule, or capability performance. Our process considers bandwidth, performance, response time, capacity, database requirements, and other impacts in order to identify and address issues prior to development.

Our full stack (front end and back end) technical approach includes development, orchestration, testing, and process documentation for delivering high-quality applications, features, and capabilities including new data visualizations or business intelligence capabilities. Our full stack teams also create and deliver thin-client AV capabilities using client-prescribed platform and application program interfaces (APIs) to store and retrieve data (i.e., reusable orchestrations), leveraging an existing development framework (i.e., AV Bootstrap template, AV API toolkit, etc.).

GreenZone utilizes current and relevant Agile tool sets including: JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Crowd, Service Desk, Edge, Backend as a Service (BaaS), Postgres, MongoDB, Elastic Search, Redis, Memcached, Tomcat, Apache web server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Angular, Java, TypeScript, NodeJS, Hibernate, Javers, Selenium, Artifactory, and SonarQube.

We understand that securing data and complex information technology (IT) capabilities can be challenging, especially for organizations that must satisfy regulatory compliance requirements. For years we have helped federal agencies and commercial organizations move beyond simply meeting their compliance needs (National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), FedRAMP, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)) with a focus on intelligent, incremental improvement through strategic investment and process enhancements. 

The IT landscape is constantly changing and adversaries are evolving their tools, techniques, and tactics at a faster rate than most cyber security teams can respond. Additionally, with the rapid adoption of remote work, there is apprehension associated with the trust placed in telework technologies and the ability for organizations to identify and expeditiously respond to insider threat incidents. Our cyber security experts help our clients reduce and mitigate risks associated with these areas of increased interest through experienced planning, prioritization, technology recommendations, and streamlined implementation. 

GreenZone assists its clients with continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM), secure agile software development (DevSecOps), and continuous monitoring implementation to provide greater security visibility from both micro and macro levels of their IT environments, whether they are in the cloud or on-site. We help organizations leverage emerging technologies such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR), and robotic process automation (RPA) to maximize resource allocation and enable our clients to focus more time on preventing cyber security incidents.

GreenZone helps clients solve their most complex business challenges through innovative offerings and unique management consulting services to improve performance and operations through efficient solutions and proven methodologies. Our management consultants are analytical, problem solving critical thinkers, which in today’s complex environment often means doing more with less for many organizations. Our programs are designed to deliver comprehensive and scalable solutions that consider people, processes, and technology in order to achieve long-term success and sustainability.

Our core solutions range from strategy to delivery including: digital transformation, portfolio management, financial management, organizational design, and business analysis. Through collaboration, we create solutions that align with our clients’ strategic goals and objectives.

We are committed to delivering value-added management consulting services to our clients. Our team of expert management consultants draws upon its expertise, in-depth knowledge, and industry best practices to help our clients develop actionable strategies, improve business performance, fuel innovative cultures by embracing new methodologies, and grow while reducing costs.

We identify stakeholder goals, model business processes, and identify improvements for efficiency, value, and innovation. We use our experience with industry best practices to introduce improved methods for achieving results.